Saturday, April 10, 2010

American Pizza and Wings

Located on the corner of 29th St. and Huntingdon Ave., American Pizza and Wings is the newest addition to cheap counter food in the neighborhood. The shop boasts a flashy new sign and countless American flags used to frame pictures of pizza, subs, wings, and other crappy food.

One will probably be able to guess the quality of their $5.99 extra-large pizza pick-up special, so let's not take too much time to debate the issue. The pizza was medium warm even though we waited in the shop as the pizza was made and we ate it around the corner. It definitely wasn't hot. Whatever, we were really hungry so we were still pretty happy.

The shop itself is very clean, though no seats and a busy counter area make for a tight, uncomfortable squeeze at times. We even got to see some jerk argue with the clerk about whether or not he would divulge the brand of soda he was buying. "You don't need to know what soda I'm drinking, I'm going to get it from the fridge myself!" He got a 2-litre of Dr. Pepper.

This pizza was such a blur that I don't really feel like telling you much more about it. If you happen to be in Remington and you just finished skateboarding all day and you have six dollars, then by all means, buy a pizza. Otherwise, you might be better off with the "Sun of Italy" from your local Giant.

3 slices out of 8.


Richie Millions said...

Cheap-ass carry out specials need not contain mediocre pizza! Residents of Highlandtown know well Spartan Pizza's $7.99 18-inch Carry out special. The pizza is pretty damn good for the price and I haven't found a better bang for your buck in Baltimore.

Richie Millions said...
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