Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time and Date decided!

We will be meeting this Thursday, June 2. Same time and place. Bella Roma at 7pm.

Monday, May 2, 2011

pizza BRUNCH!

Recently, one of your lovely ambassadors visited the pizza capital of the world where she learned how to be a skyscraper.

Then we headed over to Paulie Gee's for his first ever pizza brunch! Sara and I shared the Florentine: mozzerella, spinach, mushrooms and hollandaise. There were also a few options with eggs on top. Paulie is really taking things to a new level, it was a whole new pizza experience.

The pizza was delicious. A truly great crust where you could really taste the oven, perfect cheese, not at all greasy and a lovely hollandaise sauce. We then decided to try one of the dessert pizza and when Paulie Gee brought it out, he told us it was the first dessert pizza ever ordered! The dessert pizza was basically just crust, ricotta and honey. It was good, but a bit doughy, especially after finishing a pizza brunch feast.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pita Pizza Redux

Last weekend we went camping at Merchants Millpond in North Carolina. This easy and delicious meal idea was brought to the Pizza Club's attention last summer by Max Weselcouch. Sadly the photo documentation of that historic meal was lost in the woods. So let me present to you Pita Pizzas Redux:

We actually had some for dinner the night before and these we made for breakfast. Pita Pizzas are really easy, you only really need three ingredients (though there is a lot of room for experimentation). These ingredients are pitas, sauce, and cheese. Also foil. These are an easy fix for vegetarians or fussy children too.

cut a slice in the pita

fill the pocket with sauce and cheese

You then wrap the pita in a foil case

put it on the fire to cook (Jared decided to make an open faced pita pizza)