Monday, April 19, 2010

Pizza Everyday - Russell and Scott's Brithday Party

Last week, Aran and I attended our friends' joint birthday party in Hampden. It was a potluck affair and good food was bountiful (we brought supermarket cookies that no one touched, I regret not reclaiming them for myself). Guests were provided with six large pizzas from three different pizzerias: Iggie's, Oriole's and King's. Unfortunately for us, the two boxes from Iggie's were empty by the time we got there, which means we missed out on the "classy pizza" option. I ate a slice of what I think was King's cheese pizza and it was pretty good (see our 2008 review of King's). Someone had made some crazy mushroom/cabbage salad and I used it as a topping, making things much more exciting. I'll have give my mysterious pizza slice a rating of 5/8.

Pizza magnet! How does it work?

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