Monday, April 26, 2010

Pizza Everyday - Mall Madness

This past Friday Joe and Sarah and I took a trip to Towson Town Center. Unfortunately, we didn't get there until like 7:45pm and the mall closes at 9pm, so we had to split up and haul ass. We each had specific consumer goals in mind but in the end, none were attained in the amount of time allotted. We simply brushed our shoulders off and glided across the street to Pasta Mista (shitty website), a local college staple. The place is ALWAYS packed and super small, which makes being there kind of a nightmare. If you can deal with the jock infestation and girls wearing makeup, the food is well worth the effort. I got two slices, one Gorgonzola with tomatoes and one plain cheese. Sarah got a slice of pepperoni and broccoli. Individual slices range from $2 - $3, depending on toppings. Joe got a chicken parm sub (his "favorite food"), but that is not pizza... doy. We took our bounty to the car and ate in the parking lot, which is kind of the only option, and watched a girl simulate fellatio while telling her friend a "hilarious" story in the next car.

My slices were bomb. I would give them both a 7/8. I was pretty much starving by the time I ate them, so that might have skewed the results. Sarah also really enjoyed her pizza.

After we quickly ate, we raced to the Senator Theater to watch House (Hausu) the unbelievably amazing mind shifting psychedelic Japanese horror film from 1977. All and all, a wonderful night out in the suburbs. Grazie, Mr. Mista! Dōmo arigatō, Mr. Obayashi!

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