Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Return of the Frozen Pizza Chronicles

Last night some bomb ass frozen pizza was eaten during a t-shirt swap. The two pizzas were Freschetta brand pepperoni and four cheese. The dough rises when you cook it, the ingredients are "fresh" and awesome AND it was only $6 a pizza (on sale). If you like a bit of spice in your sauce and a bit of satisfaction in your stomach, I say go with Freschetta.

7/8 slices (may be skewed by extreme hunger)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pizza Everyday - Psychodelic Pizza

We ate pizza at Viccino's. It wasn't exactly a religious experience, so this picture is a bit misleading. It was, however, only $2.12 a slice. Aran got a pepperoni and two white slices with vegetables. I got one white with vegetables. As previously noted on our Turp's post, Viccino's white pizza is hellsa greasy but has a good flavor... I could have dealt without the canned spinach though. Apparently the grease on the pepperoni slice was more tolerable, because that is what one expects. The slices were "not remarkable". I think we said 5/8.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Maxie's Pizza Bar Grille

This pizza place opened up not too long ago in the old xando location in Charles Village. I was interested to try it out and excited by all their pizza by the slice options. This could have been a great experience if the pizza was even relatively fresh. Even though they put the slices back into the oven, heat does not trump freshness.

It wasn't the worst pizza i've had, but it was very generic mall pizza like. It is pretty much a Sbarro's. Perhaps this would have been different if we had ordered a pie, but buying it by the slice has more appeal when you want to try more than one pizza. A friend of mine went another time and had a really great experience.

2 out of 7 slices.

Maxie's Pizza Bar Grille
3003 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21218

Papa John's - Sausage Fest

We had had an action filled evening of art opening hopping and seeing Iron Man 2 and Joe and Rufus decided to order a large Papa John's pizza with sausage. When I called in the order the Papa John's employee on the other line informed me that our street was "really blowing up" with pizza orders that night, apparently we live on Late Night Pizza Alley. Cool.

After an overly enthusiastic pizza delivery man dropped off the zza, exclaiming "It's nice and HOT!!!", Joe, Rufus and Stephanie dug in.

It was rated a 6 out of 8 and considered "not gourmet shit but good". There was no garlic sauce, which is Papa's signature... a mistake that cost them at least half a point. Also, the pizza had a "good layer of cheese."

In conclusion, when it's after midnight and you want something hot, call Papa (ewww.)

Pizza News - Corpse Pizza

Burnt coffins 'fuel Naples pizza ovens'

By Michael Day

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Investigators believe some pizza restaurants in Naples are using wood from stolen coffins to bake their famous pizzas.

The southern city's favourite dish is said to rely on smoke from wood-fired stoves for its celebrated flavour.

But police think many restaurant owners across the notoriously lawless port are purchasing cut-price wood from a gang of coffin thieves operating in the city.

"A real suspicion hangs over pizza, one of the few remaining important symbols of the city, that it could be cooked with wood coffins," said Il Giornale, the daily paper which belongs to the family of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. "Not only the pizza, the bread, too, may have been cooked with the wood."

Naples prosecutor Giovandomenico Lepore is leading an investigation into the suspected racket.

Andrea Santoro, president of the city's cemetery commission, said: "It's no wonder these things are happening given the state of the cemeteries. There are graves uncovered, thefts and vandalism."

Il Giornale
even claimed, without citing evidence, that there was now "a daily spectacle of uncovered coffins and human remains abandoned in the streets as if they were garbage".

Two years ago the city made headlines worldwide, again for the wrong reasons, when a refuse collection crisis saw tens of thousands of tonnes of stinking rubbish pile up on its streets.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Breakfast Pizza 2.5

Jen Miz of the BPC, DC Affiliate has the following to say about Smitten Kitchen's Breakfast Pizza:

A note:
That smitten kitchen breakfast pizza is totally where it's at.
We've been having monthly brunches at our house and our friend Ann brought 2 of them - on homemade dough - and they were off the chain.

This is how I felt about it before, and this is how I feel about it still:

Jonah: !
you will love this write up of breakfast pizza
for reasons that will be immediately obvious
me: LOL
Jonah: yep
breakfast babies
me: yesssssssss
this is fucked up
Jonah: fuck yeah it is!

Here is a pict of our breakfast pizza, alongside a little bit of St Paul street.

Stay tuned for more DC "zza" antics!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Technically Pizza - Doritos Collisions

During my lunch break I took a little springtime stroll down to 7-11 and ended up picking up bag of Doritos Collisions - Pizza Cravers/Ranch. They were something else. The pizza chips looked like regular nacho cheese Doritos and kind of tasted like them, with a bit of spice and "pizza flavor". The ranch chips were INSANE, I think they went a little overboard with the mystery ranch powder... it was like eating a mouthful of Ms. Dash or something.

Doritos has rarely disappointed me with their wild flavor concoctions (their Late Night series is off the hook) and I think this pizza/ranch deal is well worth the $.99, but you may want to have some potables handy.

Oh, and check out the Doritos website. What the hell?!?!

Pizza Everyday - Trinacria

The other day I made some pretty amazing pizza using Trinacria's pizza dough. At only $1.99 for TWO balls of dough, it is the best deal I've seen around. I actually thought it was pasta dough when I purchased it, but soon realized it was pizza dough... which is also cool and BPC worthy.


Trinacria pizza dough
olive oil
Richfood brand "pizza blend" cheese
baby portabella mushrooms

This pizza was amazing. I don't know if it was the dough or the toppings, but it was boss. If you are into dough that is fluffy and rises to the occasion, you may not want to get it from Trinacria. But, if you like hella cheap shit that tastes good, go for it. I give my pizza a 7.5/8. Believe it.