Friday, April 16, 2010

Breakfast Pizza

So, I've been catching wind of this BREAKFAST PIZZA phenomena for about 1 year or so now. Seen it on a few menus and heard about some gourmet Williamsburg brunch spots that were catching onto this alarming and potentially exciting trend. My GF and I decided that we needed to create our own Breakfast Pizza system or become slave to another man's, and therefore created our own Breakfast pizza recipe outlined below. A successful breakfast pizza to me would be both a little bit of breakfast and a little bit of pizza without either of the flavors dominating: balance between these two worlds is key. This recipe owes a bit to BPC contributor John DeCampos who helped brainstorm when we had the idea a year ago. All other credit to myself and Sarah Capua. Please modify and improve to your liking.
(suggestions to improve at the bottom)

Ingredients - 1 Trader Joe's Pizza Crust (uncooked)
1 jar Ragu pizza sauce
Fresh mozzarella
Canadian Bacon
2 yukon gold potatoes
1 small onion
4 eggs (w/milk and water)
(seasonings of your choice)

To prepare - Preheat oven and prepare the hash browns first - cook and season to your liking but it is recommended to cook well done and get a bit of that burned skillet flavor (adds to the overall breaksfast feel), chop onions and potato in small bits to spread well over the pizza.

Cook canadian bacon a bit on a separate skillet to warm and lightly brown

Spread your pizza dough, add modest amount of pizza sauce, evenly coat with the Canadian Bacon and hash brown. *Sparsely* coat the whole surface with shredded mozzarella.

Cook for ten minutes to lightly melt cheese and begin cooking the crust.

While pizza is in oven, scramble 4 eggs with tiny bit of milk and water. Cook them up but STOP ALL heat on the eggs when they are about 2/3 of the way done. VERY IMPORTANT to undercook the eggs because they will finish cooking in the oven.

Take out pizza, coat with the scrambled eggs and another modest layer of mozzarella. Cook until perfection. Enjoy.

**If I were to cook this recipe again, I would probably change TWO things.
1st- I think that adding a bit of ketchup and hotsauce to the PIZZA SAUCE would be AWESOME, Sarah squashed that idea but I am definitely doing it next time.

2nd - Cook the crust a good bit before adding ANY ingredients. This would make it possible to do just one round in the oven instead of having to do a second baking with the eggs. If the crust is about half or 2/3rds of the way cooked before adding the ingredients, you could lay down the fully cooked ham and hashbrowns with the undercooked eggs and a full layer of cheese all of once and just do 8-10 minutes in the stove to fully melt the cheese.


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