Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pizza News: DiGiorno's Pizza And Cookies Combo

DiGiorno's Pizza And Cookies Combo Is Watershed Moment In American Obesity

By Ben Popken on January 26, 2011 10:00 AM

DiGiorno is rolling out a new combo box that includes both frozen pizza and a batch of Toll House chocolate chip cookie dough. While you heat up your pizza, why not also make a side of cookies? The only thing this is missing is a side of lard dipping sauce. Yes, you would dip both products in it.

The company is also launching a Three Meat Pizza and Boneless Wyngz box, which somehow seems less offensive. Though, it should be noted that those are "Wyngz" with an asterisk as they are technically defined on the box as "white meat chicken fritters."

How did the cookies get in the box in the first place? Nestle owns DiGiorno and bought Toll House from Kraft recently. Your coronary embolism is their corporate synergy.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Next Meeting this Thursday

Our next meeting will be this Thursday, January 27th at 6pm. We will be going to Pub Dog Pizza and Drafthouse which is located at 20 East Cross Street in Federal Hill.

This also gives us plenty of time to head up to the Charles Theatre to see Alien at 9pm.

The Circulator can also get you to both these places.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Papa John's

I find that Papa John's pizza prices are usually quite high and unless there is a coupon involved, I don't consider it an option. As much as I am all for Pizza Bolis, Papa John's is having a pre-super bowl deal where all large pizzas are $10 including specialty. I got a large pizza with mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes. Their ingredients are good, fresher than most take out pizza places. The sauce is really sweet.

Papa John's also seems to be pushing the whole ordering online thing. Their website kept promoting it and when I went in to pick up my pizza, they informed me that in the future I can order online. I personally do not mind having to talk on the phone to order a pizza, though they do give you a lot of personal options to customize your pizza via the internet.

Papa John's Day 2:

I brought some of the leftover pizza to work the next day to continue with pizza research. The pizza was holding up fine. The onions were still crunchy. We concluded that either the mushrooms on the pizza were not canned or they were really good canned mushrooms. We were also impressed with the tomatoes, they also tasted real. My co-worker Joe thinks they "changed the game. It got real. They really stepped it up". He also remarked "it's not bad". Because of the sweetness of the sauce I wouldn't eat it everyday, but if your first choice is closed, Papa John's pizza is satisfying.

pre and post microwaving:

5.5 - 6/8

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pizza Snacks: Goldfish Mix-Up Adventures Xtra Cheesy Pizza

This morning as I was shaking the accumulated layers of junk out from
the bottom of my backpack (is that gross? At least I clean it once in
a while), what should I discover but this lovingly-preserved package
of Goldfish ™ Xtra Cheesy Pizza Mix-Up Adventures crackers. Although
the bag was mercifully empty, its discovery whisked me back many
months to the moment when I first crunched down upon these cheesy,
salty snacks. Yes, I remember it all very clearly. They tasted…kind
of like pizza. Like, on a scale of 1-10 where 10 tastes like pizza
and 1 does not taste like pizza at all, they were probably about a 5.
Or maybe a 4.

Although this "pizza-inspired product" obviously isn’t that great – I
wouldn’t go out and buy more – it does engage with some important
themes in contemporary American culture. Including: the gender
politics of snack food mascots; stereotyped representations of
Italian-American heritage; the commodified discourse of the “Xtreme”;
the limits of brand extension in a market saturated by
barely-distinguishable spin-off products. I’ll let the images speak
for themselves.

In conclusion, I have some constructive criticism that will allow the
makers of Goldfish ™ to improve their pizza-inspired offerings. The
combination of parmesan flavored and pizza flavored fish is a good
starting point, since it replicates a grouping of foods actually found
in real life (cf. Doritos Collisions). Wouldn’t it make sense, then,
to provide the full range of pizza toppings in the same bag with pizza
flavored goldfish? Things like basil, red pepper flakes, garlic
powder to start with. But why not expand beyond the condiments to
offer mushrooms, pepperoni, onions, pineapple, and finally – in a
reflexive turn that could preoccupy snack food theorists for decades
to come – anchovy flavored goldfish? Pepperidge Farms ® Bakery: let’s
see just how Xtreme you really are.


Pizza Snacks: Pizza Puffs

In theory Pizza Puffs should be a delicious satisfying snack, unfortunately they are not. Maybe on the same level as cheese doodles? Not even close! They do not satisfy a pizza craving, nor any other. One could potentially eat a lot of them, but the question there would be why? They are too air filled. The picture on the front is deceiving. They do not have that much seasoning. Pizza puffs are not very cheesy either. They should be called Puffs, pizza should not be grouped with these disappointing snacks.

These could become a family favorite if you hate your family and want your children to suffer from a disappointing childhood. These descriptor phrases are wildly deceiving. It really should read "Cheese pizza anyone? Go and get some in another package".

Don't even waste your time