Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Papa John's - Sausage Fest

We had had an action filled evening of art opening hopping and seeing Iron Man 2 and Joe and Rufus decided to order a large Papa John's pizza with sausage. When I called in the order the Papa John's employee on the other line informed me that our street was "really blowing up" with pizza orders that night, apparently we live on Late Night Pizza Alley. Cool.

After an overly enthusiastic pizza delivery man dropped off the zza, exclaiming "It's nice and HOT!!!", Joe, Rufus and Stephanie dug in.

It was rated a 6 out of 8 and considered "not gourmet shit but good". There was no garlic sauce, which is Papa's signature... a mistake that cost them at least half a point. Also, the pizza had a "good layer of cheese."

In conclusion, when it's after midnight and you want something hot, call Papa (ewww.)

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