Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Technically Pizza - Doritos Collisions

During my lunch break I took a little springtime stroll down to 7-11 and ended up picking up bag of Doritos Collisions - Pizza Cravers/Ranch. They were something else. The pizza chips looked like regular nacho cheese Doritos and kind of tasted like them, with a bit of spice and "pizza flavor". The ranch chips were INSANE, I think they went a little overboard with the mystery ranch powder... it was like eating a mouthful of Ms. Dash or something.

Doritos has rarely disappointed me with their wild flavor concoctions (their Late Night series is off the hook) and I think this pizza/ranch deal is well worth the $.99, but you may want to have some potables handy.

Oh, and check out the Doritos website. What the hell?!?!


Richie Millions said...

Seems to me that this technical pizza is lacking some things. The holy trinity of pizza scripture says that "all things called pizza must have the inseparable holy trinity of pizza. Crust, Cheese, Sauce." There are some very tasty exceptions to this rule of three, but they will always be exceptions in my book.
You could say that a dorito has "crust" if you wanted to stretch it. You could even less plausibly say that it has "sauce" (flavor powder?) but by no stretch does this thing contain actual cheese. Thumbs down.

Emily "Slaughter" said...

Wow. A whole lot of talk from someone who "doesn't have time" for pizza anymore.

Richie Millions said...

Well put, "Emily Slaughter". I do talk alot....because I CARE ABOUT PIZZA! Anyone who calls a junk food nacho chip, PIZZA clearly doesn't really care that much. Perhaps before you criticize someone else you should take a look in the mirror.

Emily "Slaughter" said...

Maybe YOU should look in the mirror, Mr. Poops in His Pants. Maybe YOU should take a step back and decide how important pizza is and what it means to you. To ME, pizza is everywhere, pizza is life, pizza is all abounding. You can find it in chips just as easily as you can find it a pie. It transcends your prissy pants (that are pooped in) "rules" and "regulations". Pizza can't be tied down and suffocated like that. This is America and we do whatever the hell we want, like discuss pizza flavored chips on a blog dedicated to pizza. So you can suck it 8=====> (yeah, that's a dick.)