Thursday, May 13, 2010

Breakfast Pizza 2.5

Jen Miz of the BPC, DC Affiliate has the following to say about Smitten Kitchen's Breakfast Pizza:

A note:
That smitten kitchen breakfast pizza is totally where it's at.
We've been having monthly brunches at our house and our friend Ann brought 2 of them - on homemade dough - and they were off the chain.

This is how I felt about it before, and this is how I feel about it still:

Jonah: !
you will love this write up of breakfast pizza
for reasons that will be immediately obvious
me: LOL
Jonah: yep
breakfast babies
me: yesssssssss
this is fucked up
Jonah: fuck yeah it is!

Here is a pict of our breakfast pizza, alongside a little bit of St Paul street.

Stay tuned for more DC "zza" antics!

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