Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pizza Snacks: Pizza Puffs

In theory Pizza Puffs should be a delicious satisfying snack, unfortunately they are not. Maybe on the same level as cheese doodles? Not even close! They do not satisfy a pizza craving, nor any other. One could potentially eat a lot of them, but the question there would be why? They are too air filled. The picture on the front is deceiving. They do not have that much seasoning. Pizza puffs are not very cheesy either. They should be called Puffs, pizza should not be grouped with these disappointing snacks.

These could become a family favorite if you hate your family and want your children to suffer from a disappointing childhood. These descriptor phrases are wildly deceiving. It really should read "Cheese pizza anyone? Go and get some in another package".

Don't even waste your time

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