Saturday, January 22, 2011

Papa John's

I find that Papa John's pizza prices are usually quite high and unless there is a coupon involved, I don't consider it an option. As much as I am all for Pizza Bolis, Papa John's is having a pre-super bowl deal where all large pizzas are $10 including specialty. I got a large pizza with mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes. Their ingredients are good, fresher than most take out pizza places. The sauce is really sweet.

Papa John's also seems to be pushing the whole ordering online thing. Their website kept promoting it and when I went in to pick up my pizza, they informed me that in the future I can order online. I personally do not mind having to talk on the phone to order a pizza, though they do give you a lot of personal options to customize your pizza via the internet.

Papa John's Day 2:

I brought some of the leftover pizza to work the next day to continue with pizza research. The pizza was holding up fine. The onions were still crunchy. We concluded that either the mushrooms on the pizza were not canned or they were really good canned mushrooms. We were also impressed with the tomatoes, they also tasted real. My co-worker Joe thinks they "changed the game. It got real. They really stepped it up". He also remarked "it's not bad". Because of the sweetness of the sauce I wouldn't eat it everyday, but if your first choice is closed, Papa John's pizza is satisfying.

pre and post microwaving:

5.5 - 6/8

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