Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sweet Sin

Let us first mention that Sweet Sin is gluten free, therefore providing pizza options to those who would otherwise be deprived. However none of the attending members have gluten allergies, so we have no proper way to gauge the relative tastiness of this gluten free pizza over others. That said, we went with open hearts and minds. Sweet Sin offers a rotating array of pizzas. During out visit, we ordered cheese, Caprese, and Veggie pizzas.

Let's talk crust here, as this appears ti be the main challenge and difference with gluten free baking. The main challenge is concocting a suitable gluten free replacement. The crust was flakey and dense. It did not seem to be able to support heavy toppings. Let us be clear here, this is very different from average pizza crust; it is more like pie crust. We speculated that this may be the result of not being cooked in a traditional pizza oven.

Another problem that might have been caused by the absence of pizza is the lack of synergy between crust and cheese. The cheese kinda slid just off. Were they ever really together or just occupying the same space? Perhaps normal pizza dough creates small holes that allows the cheese to fuse together with it.

The cheese pizza was our gateway pizza into the gluten free pizza realm. The sauce was pretty spicy, most people enjoyed it. It might have been nice if you were able to have the option of how spicy you want it, as some people are more sensitive.

The Caprese had a good tomato to slice ratio. It was basically the cheese pizza with tomatoes, there was also basil.

The veggie pizza was piled high with freshness. It had real mushrooms on it, in fact all the vegetables were fresh. On a side note, vegetable dishes are one of Sweet Sin strong points and they are applying this with the pizza.

I would bring my gluten free friend here if I had one. After there was a different feeling of being full than what regular pizza brings.


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