Thursday, March 3, 2011

Frozen Pizza Chronicles: The Original Naan Pizza

I had this in my freezer for a couple of months and decided that it was time to try out The Original Naan Pizza, spinach & paneer cheese. Boy was I glad I did, such a nice post-work snack. The crust, which is made of Naan, is pretty crunchy. At first I had no idea what the sauce is, in fact I'm not totally sure. It is not pizza saucy, but also not like an Indian sauce. The ingredients say that it is made of tomatoes, so it is tomato based with "spices". The box informs us that the artisan crust is hand-stretched and fired in a clay oven approaching 1,000ºF. Impressive?

It tastes like it once was frozen, the magic of the toaster oven could not hide this fact. It is slightly spicy and "foreign" tasting. The more I ate of it, the more I liked it. Eventually I truly believed that I could taste the Naan coming through. After this experience, Alicia and I decided that there should be more pizzas with paneer on them. It is time for the world to listen to our plea! Alicia felt that it tasted like Ellio's pizza, just with paneer. In a jam or snack situation, this is totally good. You can definitely taste the spinach on this pizza, even though it was cut into weird squares.



NikholisRPlanck said...

where in the city did you get this?

or not the city. . .

sara said...

I got it from Lotte Plaza, the Asian supermarket out on route 40.