Sunday, August 22, 2010

Two Boots Pizza

We went to Two Boots Pizza located at Power Plant Live on August 18. The name refers to the fact that Louisiana and Italy both resemble shoes. It was a damp night. The ambiance of the place was feathers and beads, New Orleans, and part Hillary Duff as Elizabeth Cady Stanton. We ordered two pizzas. The ORCHIDIA, which was our choice of five toppings. We created a white pizza with eggplant, garlic, artichokes, sundried tomatoes, and spinach.

The spinach appeared to have been the frozen kind as opposed to fresh. The eggplant on the pizza was breaded and was a much welcomed surprise. A knife and fork were required to eat this pizza as we did not trust the crust to withstand the topping weight. We had an overall positive experience with this pizza.

We also ordered the "Tony Clifton", which was red pepper pesto, wild mushrooms, vidalia onions, and mozzarella. The pesto was dabbed on top of the cheese, while the regular sauce was underneath. Some thoughts about this pizza: "There is a lot going on in my mouth".

The appearance of this pizza was questionable, but the majority of our group throughly enjoyed it. Our waiter said this was one of his favorite pizzas.

The crust is thin in a different way than other Baltimore thin crust pizzas (perhaps because it originated in New York?). It was crispy on the edges with a doughy consistency under the cheese. The dough is dusted with cornmeal. Though we only ordered vegetarian pizzas, Two Boots offers ones with crab, crawfish, sausage, and other cajun delights.

The service was prompt and our waiter was very friendly and accommodating. Even though we were there at 6 pm, there really weren't any other eat-in customers. The Power Plant Live area seems like a strange place, with activity around lunchtime and later in the evening. They do have a pizza by the slice option from an outdoor stand for patrons of the nearby bars. Two Boots pizza does have a liquor license. They also have other non-pizza options; we did not try these things. I feel that when the location opens up by MICA, it will be more accessible/successful than Power Plant.

We give them a 6 out of 8 slices mainly due to the fact that they use frozen spinach.

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