Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bagby Pizza Company

I have driven past Bagby Pizza Company often, yet had not gone inside. So lunch seemed like a good time to try our their pizza. They are located across from Whole Foods. We got there around noon and it was not too busy. We ordered the Tennessee Honey Chicken pizza. As listed on the menu this pizza is: Grilled honey chicken, fire roasted peppers, roasted artichokes, mozzarella, and ricotta.

The pizza has a very thin crust with a crisp edge. The dough below the topping was a bit floppy. The sauce was very mild and we debated if it might have been just straight up tomato. The pizza comes with the cheese over the toppings, which is a good way of securing the topping on top. The toppings were chunky and seemed very fresh. The sweet honey of the chicken complemented the cheese nicely. The pizza overall seemed rich and was delicious.

We did not have to wait very long for our pizza. Bagby is self-serve, but they bring the pizza to your table. While we were eating, the place filled up with a lunch work crowd. The make your own pizza did not seem like a good deal. $/topping. They didn't have any crazy combos. Their pizza is a little pricey, but very filling.

Bagby Pizza Company
Harbor East
1006 Fleet Street
Baltimore, MD 21202


ben said...

this is not a native tennessee pizz-oregional.

Richie Millions said...

I am a straight up tomato.