Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pizza Everyday - Trinacria

A few weeks ago Sara and I had quite a time with some flat bread pizza "dough" from Trinacria . When I purchased the fresh dough balls mentioned earlier, I noticed these flat bread options but did not partake so was happily surprised when she showed up at my house with them in tow. There are two of them in a pack and we had hell of ingredients, so we made two pizzas. Sara doesn't remember how much the "dough" ended up costing, but we can only assume it was minimal.

The first had:
olive oil
baby portabellas
herb goat cheese or "chevre"

The second:
olive oil
yellow and orange bell peppers
feta cheese
horseradish cheddar cheese (locally made!)

While making and subsequently baking the pizzas we 1.) Danced to Rusted Root 2.) Watched the season finale of America's Next Top Model.

Both pizzas were pretty good and eating them was just as fun as making them, if not more. Well, maybe making them was the fun part because the eating was so/so. The "dough" is kind of pre-baked or something, so they cooked rather quickly. However, we decided that putting the flat bread in the oven for a bit before adding the toppings would have been a good idea, they could have been a little crispier. Also, the I enjoyed the horseradish cheddar, but Sara thought it was a little much. To each his own. That's what Pizza is all about: Options. Endless Options.

Emily: 6/8 and Trinacria's flat bread a 4.5/8
Sara: 6/8 and Trinacria's flat bread a 4/8

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