Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Welcome to A New World of Pizza

Welcome to the Baltimore Pizza Club.  Our goal is to promote the thoughful consumption of greatest food on Earth.  We strive to help you, the pizza consumer, make well-informed decisions in all places that your life intersects with pizza.  We truly love pizza from a deep place in our bodies.  We believe that Pizza is the most unifying food ever created; there is nothing on Earth as universally respected and revered as Pizza.  Please come to a Pizza Club meeting near you and feel free to email us with suggestions or comment on the articles.  My life = PIZZALIFE. I hope yours does too.

Aran Keating
Baltimore Pizza Club President


Robert Brulinski said...

We need to know the Prices of the Pizza!

Oh and don't forget to find a square pizza. Sometimes a square is more apatizing than a circle.

Emily "Slaughter" said...

Good point. I will make a note of it.