Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pizza to Go - "Deep Creek Lake"

An unofficial BPC meeting took place on Friday, November 7th 2008 at approximately 8:00pm EST in Oakland/McHenry Maryland at "Pizza Ice Cream" (also known as "Sorellee's" but the former name is much easier to pronounce). BPC Secretary Emily "Slaughter", Travis Allen, Michael Freeland (who prefers to be called "Fag") and Dan Keech were in attendance. The following items were ingested: A large Pizza with half sausage half green peppers and olives, two orders of mozzarella sticks, a Pepsi, a Sierra Mist and two waters that tasted like blood. The Pizza was really really good, especially after a three and a half hour drive westward. "Pizza Ice Cream's" over all atmosphere was also quite pleasant, Freeland equated it to "a rich kid high school's cafe/hang out" he also expressed an interest in becoming the BPC treasurer. A liquor/convenience store called "Zip'eez" is attached to the restaurant. "Zip'eez" sells incredibly overpriced liquor and beer, both of which were purchased. Emily "accidentally" stole some candy, mistaking it for fun-sized Halloween treats.

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